Buying or renting?

The construction of a detached house is often the project of a lifetime, and requires a real personal and financial commitment from the owner. However, this type of housing appears much more interesting than renting in many respects !

Buying or renting? A ritual question. The dilemma is well known to all young adults who are just starting out in working life and/or who dream of enlarging their family: is it better to continue renting, even if it means moving to a bigger place, or to start buying an old or off-plan property?

In the first case, the couple will have to pay a non-refundable rent every month for a property they do not own and will have to build up savings, with the possibility of making a future investment. In the second case, the couple will have to pay a monthly installment each month but will gradually build up a capital by repaying their property, which will gradually increase in value for resale.

The purchase, more profitable and also more comfortable

From a strictly financial point of view, the profitability of a property purchase depends on the ratio between the purchase price, the cost of the loan, and the resale price. The higher the interest rates are, the more the buyer will have to pay high monthly installments or extend the repayment period of his loan, without having the certainty of recovering his costs on resale.

At the moment, buying is much more profitable than one might think, thanks to historically low interest rates, so now more than ever is the time to invest in a real estate purchase. What’s more, with the revaluation of the zero interest loan, you can finance up to 40% of your purchase at no cost.

Beyond this aspect, let’s remember that the purchase also brings more intangible advantages such as the serenity linked to owning your home, a more qualitative living environment and greater freedom to decide on renovations or improvements. Individuals who choose to build, of course, are the ones who benefit most from these different advantages.